Can I create passwords remotely without a Wi-Fi Bridge?

Can I create passwords remotely without a Wi-Fi Bridge?

Yes, you can create auto-generated passcodes remotely, but not custom passcodes.

Here's how it works:

When you use the TTLock app, it employs a complex cryptography algorithm to create a unique code. This algorithm combines a unique signature (established during your initial setup) with the time settings you specify. This enables you to generate and share access codes without needing to be physically near the lock or connected to a Wi-Fi network. However, please note that you won't be able to create custom passcodes; only the auto-generated 10-digit codes provided by the app can be used.

Types of Passcodes:

  1. One-Time Passcodes: These codes are designed for single use. Once generated, they are valid for up to 6 hours, and they expire 5 seconds after being used. This makes them ideal for one-time entries or deliveries.

  2. Offline Periodic Codes: These codes have specific start and end times. When creating an offline periodic code, you set an effective (start) date and time and an invalid (end) date and time. The recipient must use the code at least once within 24 hours of its creation to activate it.

How to Share the Passcodes:

Once you generate the passcodes through the TTLock app, you can share them via text message to the recipient. The recipient will then have immediate access to the lock using the provided code.

Important Notes:

  • You do not need to be near the lock or connected to Wi-Fi to generate these passcodes.

  • The lock does not require a Wi-Fi or internet connection for these codes to function.

  • You need the WiFi bridge to generate custom codes of your choice.

  • You can only generate one code per hour with the same settings.

By understanding these features, you can manage remote access effectively and securely with the TTLock app without any reliance on a Wi-Fi bridge.

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