What lock do you recommend for a Pivot Door?

What lock do you recommend for a Pivot Door?

A pivot door is a unique type of door that swings on a central axis rather than using traditional hinges.
The type of lock recommended for a pivot door depends on whether it is a double action pivot door (swings both ways) or a single action pivot door (swings one way).

For double action pivot doors: These doors typically require a sliding mortise lock. We recommend our range of slimline locks:
Slim - Fingerprint and Keyless Entry Smart Mortise Lock [43mm wide] (SDL-S1)
Super Slim - Fingerprint and Keyless Entry Smart Mortise Lock [35mm wide] (SDL-SS1)
Slim - Fingerprint and Keyless Entry Smart Mortise Lock [38mm wide] (SDL-S2)

Additionally, the Smart Deadbolt - Fingerprint Keyless Entry Fully Automatic Deadbolt Lock (SDL-T1) is another suitable option for double action pivot doors.

For single action pivot doors: Any of our mortise locks or latch-only locks can work; however, these doors may require an extended strike plate, especially if the door frame is wider. Your installer or locksmith can help you obtain the appropriate strike plate, or you can explore online options for purchase.

Image of an extended strike plate -
Notice the extra long tongue

It is important to ensure that the chosen lock is compatible with the specific design and operation of your pivot door to ensure proper functionality and security.
If you have any further questions or need assistance in selecting the right lock for your pivot door, feel free to contact us for personalized recommendations.

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