How can I lock the door from the outside without relying on the app?

How can I lock the door from the outside without relying on the app?

When the Auto-Lock is On:

To lock the door from the outside without using the app, you can take advantage of the auto-lock feature. This feature allows you to set a duration, usually around 5 seconds, in which the door will automatically lock after it has been closed. 
Before leaving your premises, it is important to perform a quick test to ensure that the auto-lock feature is functioning properly. If you face any issues with the auto-lock feature, it is likely due to the settings related to this feature. In such cases, it is recommended to review and adjust the settings accordingly.

When the Auto-Lock is Off:

If the auto-lock feature is turned off, you have two options to lock the door from the outside.

The first option is to use the app provided with your smart lock. Simply open the app on your smartphone, locate the lock, and select the lock button to secure the door.

The second option is to physically press and hold the # key on the keypad or lock itself until you hear a confirmation sound or see the door lock engage. Either of these methods will effectively lock the door without relying on the app.

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