Why does my Smart Door Lock say "Unlock", but doesn't retract the latch/deadbolt?

Why does my Smart Door Lock say "Unlock", but doesn't retract the latch/deadbolt?

Q: What should I do if my Smart Lock says "Unlock" but doesn't retract the latch/deadbolt?

If your Smart Lock say "Unlock" but fails to retract the latch or deadbolt, there are a few factors you can check to determine the underlying cause.

Low battery:
One common reason for the latch not retracting is low battery power. Even if the lock's screen lights up and other functions appear normal, the batteries may not provide enough power to operate the motor. To address this, try replacing the batteries with high-quality, brand-new ones.

Loose cable:
Check if the cable connecting the two lock panels is securely plugged in. Depending on the lock model, the connector plug might be located in the battery compartment, allowing you to tighten it without uninstalling the lock. In other cases, the plug may be tucked away in a cavity, necessitating lock removal for proper fastening.

Broken clutch mechanism:
If you find yourself unable to unlock your Smart Lock using the mechanical key, it could indicate a broken internal clutch mechanism. It is crucial not to force the key if you cannot rotate it. Instead, we recommend reaching out to our support team for assistance.

Please note: When using the mechanical key to unlock the Smart Lock, always turn it clockwise. Turning it counterclockwise or attempting to use the key while the lock is not installed can lead to a broken clutch mechanism.

If you have any further questions or need additional support, please don't hesitate to contact our team.