Why is my SDL-H1 not locking?

Why is my SDL-H1 not locking?

What could cause this issue?

Several factors could contribute to your SDL-H1 not locking:

  1. Spindle too long: If the spindle is too long, it may not properly engage with the lock mechanism, preventing it from locking securely.
  2. U-Clip not installed: The U-Clip is crucial for stabilising the spindle and ensuring it remains in place. Without it, the spindle may move around, hindering the locking process.
  3. Alignment issues: Misalignment of components within the lock mechanism can prevent it from functioning correctly. This could occur due to improper installation or wear and tear over time.
How can I determine whether it’s an installation issue and not a fault with the lock?
  1. Reset the lock
  2. Remove the inside Lock Panel from the door
  3. Power up the Front Lock Panel with an alternative power source such a power bank or laptop
    - Notice a Wiring sound
    - Check if your door is locked.
     - If it is locked, attempt to unlock with 123456#. If it unlocks successfully, that means your lock is not faulty.

If the lock is not faulty, how do I resolve the issue? 
  1. Check your door thickness.
    - If your door thickness is less than 35mm, the spindle might be too long. Therefore you will have to trim the spindle. 
  2. Make sure the U-clip is installed as per the instructions on the user manual
  3. Make sure both lock panels are aligned with the door

If you continue to experience difficulties, contact our support team.